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If you are in the job market or thinking about a career change, chances are you are asking yourself some of these questions:

1) I am struggling with my resume and it is not getting me interviews - how can I maximize the impact of my resume in the current job market? How do I modernize my resume for maximum impact? Julie offers a FREE resume review - upload your resume at the bottom of this page and Julie will get back to you within 48 hours with her feedback. Julie will also make suggestions if she thinks your resume can be improved for greater impact.

2) Sounds like I probably need to be on LinkedIn - how do I make sure that my LinkedIn Profile is optimized while I am in career transition? What career strategies do I need to know about now that social media is transforming the job market?

3) What is personal branding and why is it important to my career? How do I make sure my personal brand is clearly and effectively communicated in all my written and verbal career communications?

4) How can I improve my chances of getting through the Applicant Tracking Systems used by so many employers to screen job applicants when I apply to positions online?

5) The current job market is really competitive - how do I increase my chances of getting interviews and job offers for the jobs I am targeting?

Julie Mellen can help! She is your go-to-expert for exceptional career marketing communications and career coaching for professional success. 

  • For more than 25 years, Julie has successfully partnered with thousands of executives and professionals from diverse disciplines on writing powerful resumes, career and personal branding statements and all the written and verbal career marketing communications and strategies to get them where they want to go in their careers. Julie can do the same for you!


  • Julie knows how the job market works and is outstanding at coaching clients on career communications and strategies that get results. She will be your trusted advisor and thought partner and provide dynamic solutions to manage the challenges and opportunities in your career.


  • As a recognized leader in the careers industry, when you work with Julie you can be assured that you are getting cutting edge strategies to make you competitive in a rapidly changing job market.


  • Julie will work with you where ever you are located via phone and email. If you live in the greater Seattle area, Julie is your local Seattle resume expert and career strategist and will meet with you in person if you prefer working face to face.


Let's get started, click here  for the Menu of Career Services & Packages Julie offers and upload your resume (see below) for a FREE resume review.


"Julie is simply the best resume writer and career coach out there. She came highly recommended by a colleague and wrote me a dynamic resume, LinkedIn profile and professional bio. Working with Julie gave me focus, confidence and strategies I needed to get the position I was targeting."
Want to get started? Simply upload your resume here and you could have an Executive quality resume in as little as 48 hours! Please upload only Microsoft Word, RTF, PDF or text files. Thank you.